Anu Atluru

I make things and help people make things.


I’m currently building Slang, a consumer product studio. I’m also a writer and an angel investor in early-stage startups. I love consumer — especially social, media, gaming, work, and wellness.

Previously, I spent 2 years at Clubhouse as the first business hire & first Head of Community. I built numerous functions from the ground up and helped scale from thousands to millions of users globally. I’m also an M.D. — previously a resident physician in Emergency Medicine at Harvard / Mass General Hospital and a women’s health tech startup founder. I love the creative arts — I’ve dabbled in film, fashion, music & comedy. I stayed in school at The University of Texas & Harvard Business School.


I share my working theories on my Substack and sometimes freelance or syndicate with other publications.

Rise of the Silicon Valley Small Business
an emerging, hybrid startup archetype
Build Rituals, Not Habits
the next era of social connection
What I Learned at Clubhouse
25 lessons on product, GTM, growth & more
The Group Chat Renaissance
a core layer of modern social networking
The Generational Business Trap
on longevity & why we shouldn’t idolize permanance
Product vs. Production
on the art of creating compelling live media
Collective Experiences
On shared context in the age of on-demand media
Group-Generated Content
on the compelling attributes of multiplayer creation
The Generational Business Trap
business longevity & not idolizing permanance
Product vs. Production
the art of creating compelling live media
Collective Experiences
the value of shared context in an on-demand era
Group-Generated Content
why multiplayer creation is so compelling


I invest primarily in early-stage consumer startups with compelling social or network-based elements.

share candids with friends
talk with people anywhere
calendar with friends
treat wrinkles with science
make memes multiplayer
a social gaming company
collaborate on-chain
raise virtual pets with friends
share your daily outfits
Banana Capital
invest in consumer teams

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Feel free to reach out about my work, writing, investing, consulting, or other opportunities to work together.



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