Anu Atluru

👋 Hey, I’m Anu — I’m a startup builder, angel investor, and writer.

I’m currently exploring new ideas, advising, and investing in early-stage startups.

I love consumer — especially social, media, gaming, marketplaces, work, and wellness.

About Me

Most recently, I spent 2 years at Clubhouse — built zero to one, served as the first Head of Community, grew from a team of 3 to 100+ — and I remain an advisor.

I’m also an M.D. — previously a resident physician in Emergency Medicine at Harvard / Mass General Hospital and a women’s health tech startup founder.

I love creative arts — I’ve dabbled in film, fashion, music & comedy. I stayed in school at The University of Texas and Harvard Business School.


Select essays listed below (subscribe to my Substack here).

What I Learned at Clubhouse, 25 lessons on product, community, growth & more

Don’t Create Habits, Create Rituals, on “ritual social” apps and creating meaningful moments

Fission & Fusion in Communities, on structural dynamism in community-based social products

The Group Chat Renaissance, on group chats as core to modern communities and networks

Group-Generated Content, on the uniquely compelling attributes of multiplayer creation

The Revival of Consumer Social, on the landscape of mature and emerging social formats


Select companies listed below (and some unannounced)

BeReal, seed | share candids with friends

Clubhouse, series A | talk with people anywhere

Collage, seed | make memes multiplayer

Daze, seed | calendar with your friends

Dive, seed | better group chat for gen Z

Pallet, seed | hire from within communities

Peachy, seed | treat wrinkles with science

Squads, pre-seed | invest in your favorite creators

Station, seed | infrastructure for on-chain collaboration

Banana Capital, fund I | great investments and memes

Reach Me

Twitter / LinkedIn / Email

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